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Oct - 16

Requirements and Guidelines On How To Become A Uber driver 2016

Becoming a Uber driver can be challenging for most people considering the strict entry requirements set for aspiring drivers. Government regulations also make it harder. However, if you want to become one and make some money, you only need to know what they require and match the requirements at Uber drivers have numerous advantages over the traditional taxi services including weekly pay, ownership of the car, and driver schedules set with flexible shifts.

How to become a Uber driver

To begin with, the minimum age requirement for joining Uber is 21 years. Also, you need to have at least three years of driving experience, have a car insurance under your name, and have a social security number. Besides, a background check is conducted to determine the driver’s history on and off the road. This could be their criminal past and their driving history. Ideally, if a driver has a clean driving history and a criminal free history he or she meets the general requirements of becoming a Uber driver.

Uber vehicle requirements

The type and condition of the vehicle that you will also be driving needs to meet certain criteria. The vehicle needs to meet Uber’s minimum standards. First, the model year should be 2000 or newer. However, this requirement varies from city to city. Secondly, it must accommodate at least four passengers, with the exclusion of the driver. Lastly, the car should not have been previously used for taxi-related services.

How to Apply to become a Uber driver

sdvcsdvsAXDOnce one has met all the pre-qualification requirements, the next thing o begin the process of application to be a Uber driver. The steps to follow include: Filling out an online application form, having the car you intend to drive inspected by the relevant authorities (inspection is done at a Uber inspection station), and submission of the driver’s paperwork for a background check to be conducted. Once this process is complete and a candidate has passed all the steps, he will be allowed to set his schedule and commence picking up clients.

How does Uber work?

As an approved Uber driver, you need to have the Uber driver app that enables you to accept rides. You will be provided with a phone by Uber or use your own, provided you have the app installed. Note that your email address acts as your username. When a client needs a ride, the closest driver will receive a notification and accept the trip. The app does the billing.