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Dec - 27
Mobile Phone 02

Upcoming Mobile Phones for 2015

As 2014 draws to a close, we’re currently looking ahead and super-excited about some tantalizing tech that can be found in early 2015. Here’s our round-up of the smartest and sexiest smartphones and launching next year.

HTC One M9

This year’s 5-inch HTC One M8 was one of our favourite phones of 2014, boasting some premium elements covered in a stunning all-metal frame. It probably didn’t sell enough to cover Robert Downey Jr’s ad expense. Mobile Phone 01However, it’s still an outstanding smartphone which offers us Everest-sized expect 2015’s One M9.

It looks like HTC will boost the screen to a 5.2-incher, more in line with the current flagships, while in 2013’s ‘Ultrapixel’ camera has been dumped for a more effective lens which can record crisp and comprehensive shots.
Samsung Galaxy S6

Around the very same time as the One M9, we need also to see the latest Samsung flagship phone launch in design. This is a big one for Samsung, who suffered profits-wise in 2014 and requires a large hit to help steady the ship. Great news then that we’ll be seeing fewer Galaxy handsets in 2015, with Samsung concentrating on quality as opposed to quantity.

We now know that Samsung can do excellent design, thanks to the Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy Note 4, so we have got everybody piece crossed that the Galaxy S6 is another beautiful piece of metal. If we find ourselves clutching another chunk of plastic come March, we may have to go into the corner for a little cry.

In addition to a super-crisp Quad HD screen, the Galaxy S6 must pack a 64-bit processor and a truly impressive Mobile Phone 02video camera; the Note 4’s snapper was one of the very best we used in 2014, so it’s solid groundwork for the next flagship shooter.

And we ‘d be surprised if Samsung didn’t add some of its trademark innovation, with early reports of super-fast storage and all-in-one chips suggesting that the efficiency will be a major focus. Here’s expecting impressive battery life in addition to slick performance.

Sony Xperia Z4

Sony has gotten a little lugged away with its flagship phones lately, releasing them every six months as opposed to the traditional once a year, but to its credit, the Xperia Z phones have so far been bloody fantastic. The most current Xperia Z3 was among the most desirable and feature-packed phones of 2014, outshone just by its compact cousin, the Xperia Z3 Compact.

So, we’re naturally already expecting the Xperia Z4 to be among the sexiest smartphones of 2015. Early reports recommend a 5.5-inch giant, similar to the LG G3, sporting a beautiful Quad HD display that’ll give LG’s phone-of-the-year award-winner some severe competitors. Sony needs also to be pumping some fresh brand-new cam tech into the Z4, to stay ahead of the game when it pertains to smartphone photography.
Mobile Phone 03LG G4

LG is one of the most exciting phone makers today, with a G3 winning the Best Phone of 2014 award thanks to its smart design, extraordinary Quad HD screen and bunch of great features. It looks like LG isn’t content to relax and churn out straight sequels, nevertheless, with a tactical plan that involves innovative bendy and foldable screens.

In reality, we should see the very first bendy LG mobile in 2015, according to the company’s plans, so will the G4 be a completely versatile phone, the way we hoped the LG G Flex would be? Something’s for sure; the G4 will certainly pack the best specifications and take the fight to Samsung and Apple. If we had one wish, we ‘d request for a metallic frame instead of a plastic body with a metallic finish.